July 22, 2022 Fishing Report

Fishing in New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Report

Chews Wisely is proud to announce our first fishing report on our new website – www.chewswiselyfishingcharters.com. The New Smyrna Beach Fishing Report is a report that covers the nearshore waters of New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet and Edgewater Areas. We hope you will like our new design layout and use it as a resource guide of how the fishing is in our area. Of course we would love to take you fishing and if  you are interested in a charter please call or text (386) 689-9056.  Big shout out to Shea, Elisa and the team over at Hosting NSB who put the site together.  These guys are fantastic and we highly recommend them. 

What’s been Biting

Last couple of weeks we have had some very consistent fishing with big redfish and some decent sized black drum thrown in for good measure. Our big redfish fishery here is very consistent year round and we are fortunate to have this opportunity of catching truly big reds almost on a daily basis. Of course the weather always plays a role in the summertime in Florida, as the thunderstorms are  common pretty much everyday. We had a good group of charter clients that had a blast catching the big reds and black drum and we got some great pictures.

Our area of Florida is well known for big bull redfish but, not many people realize how good our black drum fishing can be. They are the largest of all drum with the world record just over 113 pounds. Black Drum are not as common as redfish but they can be caught year round in our area and are often caught in the same spots as we catch the redfish.

Fishing in New Smyrna Beach

We are now in the middle of the summer and that means big tarpon season off the beach and we’ve had some success catching fish up to 120 pounds. Tarpon can be fickle at times and very frustrating to catch but they are definitely worth the hassle! Click the link  for the video tarpon_4022

Tarpon fishing will only get better in the next couple of weeks and our best time to catch them are coming up so book now with us if you can, we are entering our busiest time of the year and your best bet is to call as soon as you can to secure your spot. Our area has tarpon almost year round but summer is best.  From the intracoastal to off the beach, they roam in schools ranging form a couple of fish to a couple of dozen.

Snook fishing has been hit or miss, many of the fish are spawning or close to finishing spawning so they are transitioning. If you hit the conditions right, you still stand a decent chance of catching a good sized fish.  We have been fishing these waters for over 20 years and have never had better snook fishing and late summer and fall is the best time to catch the really big ones. 

We hope you enjoyed the post and we would love it if you’d come fishing with us. Stay tuned for more posts and for more pictures or videos check out our Instagram Page – captainaustincampbell