New Smyrna Beach Shark Fishing Experience

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New Smyrna Beach Shark Fishing
New Smyrna Beach is well known for being the shark bite capital of the world and for good reason- the area has a lot of sharks! Ponce Inlet with its strong tidal flow has a huge quantity of baitfish that move in and out of the area and that of course attracts sharks. At times drone videos taken near Ponce Inlet show dozens of sharks cruising in water as shallow as a foot deep!
The list of different types of sharks is quite lengthy. The most common sharks in New Smyrna Beach are: Bull, Black-Tips, Spinner, Lemon and Sandbar. The list of others that are not as common but do show up from time to time are: Tiger, Hammerhead and every once and awhile a Great White pops up here in the cooler months of the year. New Smyrna Beach Shark FishingCaptain Austin specializes in shark fishing charters in New Smyrna Beach and in the summer months your chance of catching a monster is quite good if you are up to it!! Starting in April and lasting through November, the amount of large bull sharks in New Smyrna Beach can be staggering. The best times to target these sharks are at night which only adds the the excitement! Fishing for Bull Sharks is a “heavy-tackle” proposition with large reels, rods and line that can handle an animal that could weight up to 600 lbs. The world record caught on rod & reel weighted in at over 771 lbs and was caught in Cairns Australia.

In addition to the Bull Sharks, the Florida Shark Fishing experience offers up some smaller sized sharks, perfect for those anglers who don’t want a major workout battling a monster. Our area is home to plethora of smaller to midsized sharks like blacktip, spinner and sandbar.  These sharks are smaller but are extremely fast and agile sharks that often jump when hooked and offer and excellent fight on lighter tackle and even fly fishing the when the conditions are right.  Luckily for the locals here in our area the vast majority of human – shark encounters are with these types of sharks where it’s simply a case of mistaken identity and the shark does little damage. Ask any surfer in the New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet area and they will tell you its a common sight to see a couple sharks causing in the waves. Best times to catch these sharks are from March through December. 

New Smyrna Beach Shark Fishing