August 5, 2022 Fishing Report

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters

It's beginning to look a lot like Tarpon time!

When people do a search for New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters, they probably don’t think of vast schools of tarpon roaming the beach tearing through bait pods. Most places that come to mind when thinking about tarpon are the Keys and Boca Grande but, our little corner of paradise can produce also. In the last week or two, the tarpon fishing has really taken off. The weather has been beautiful with little rain and calm seas for the most part. 

The main reason the tarpon are here is the bait. New Smyrna Beach Fishing CharterGlass minnows or anchovies are what the tarpon are after and they are amassing along the beach in New Smyrna. Along with the tarpon there are bonita, Spanish mackerel, sharks and some big kingfish. Many experienced anglers wait all year for conditions like this and they understand things can change in an instant. 

Tarpon have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, which is a testament to their hunting capabilities. Powerful swimmers with rigid jaws and upward-pointing mouths, tarpon are capable of eating a wide variety of prey from large baitfish to tiny glass minors which gather in huge schools.

We have many clients that fish with us who have never caught a tarpon before. After fishing with Captain Austin, they can cross off tarpon from their bucket-list fish to catch. Nothing is more gratifying for us when we see our clients fight a big tarpon and see the thrill in their eyes when the fish is boat side. The pictures and videos shared with friends and family are all part of the experience.  Creating memories that will last a long time is one of the reasons we are in this business and it never gets old!

Due to the beautiful sea conditions we have been fortunate to get multiple shots at catching these incredible fish. New Smyrna Beach Fishing ChartersMost charters we are getting multiple bites and jumping several fish everyday. However, landing a tarpon is an entirely different thing. Many experienced tarpon anglers understand that when they jump you must bow the rod to them,”bow to the king” as they say. This is easier said than done and that’s when the fish is lost – on the jump. 

Depending on the beach conditions, tarpon can move around quite a bit. Some days a short run is all that is needed to find them however, more often than not long runs are necessary. Captain Austin is not scared of burning some fuel to put his clients on fish. His 24ft Yellowfin with 275 hp Mercury can cover some serious ground! 

If tarpon aren’t your “thing” or seasickness is an issue for you, we have plenty of alternatives inshore. The redfishing has been consistent in the the area with our charters catching several fish over 40 inches long.  Snook which have been hit or miss in July and are starting to pick up. Our favorite time of the year to catch snook is right around the corner. Both snook and redfish will start to school up in large numbers in the late summer and into the fall. Most of these fish are resident fish will be here all year. The tarpon are migratory and move further south as the water gets colder in winter. 

Another plus currently is the low boat traffic we are experiencing.  Right now, not many people are out on the water and this is great because you often have the fish all to yourself!. This will all change when snook season opens up September 1st. Snook are a much sought after fish and are delicious to eat so be prepared to share some of your favorite spots with other anglers.

If you are looking for a guide or New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charters in the area, call Captain Austin. We have dates available and we would enjoy taking you out. Call or text (386) 689-5056. Until next report, tight lines!

New Smyrna Beach fishing Charters